Delaware Korean Association

Delaware Korean Association

The Delaware Korean Association (DKA) is a vibrant and culturally rich organization that serves as a focal point for the Korean community in the state of Delaware. DKA is dedicated to promoting and preserving Korean culture, heritage, and traditions while fostering cross-cultural understanding and community engagement. With a strong commitment to advocacy, education, and community-building, DKA plays a vital role in enhancing the quality of life for Korean residents in Delaware and contributing to the state’s diverse and inclusive landscape.

Mission Statement: The mission of the Delaware Korean Association is to celebrate, educate, and empower the Korean community in Delaware, while promoting cultural exchange, diversity, and collaboration within the broader community.

Key Objectives:

  1. Cultural Promotion: DKA organizes and participates in a wide range of cultural events, workshops, and activities that showcase Korean traditions, art, music, dance, and cuisine. These events serve as opportunities for both the Korean community and the wider public to experience and appreciate Korean culture.
  2. Community Engagement: The organization actively engages with Korean residents in Delaware to build a sense of community and belonging. DKA facilitates networking, social gatherings, and support networks to strengthen interpersonal connections and support systems.
  3. Education: DKA is committed to providing educational resources and programs that benefit the Korean community. This includes language classes, academic support, and workshops on topics relevant to Korean-Americans in Delaware.
  4. Advocacy: DKA advocates for the needs and interests of the Korean community, addressing cultural sensitivity and inclusion issues when necessary. The organization collaborates with local government agencies and community organizations to ensure the community’s voice is heard.
  5. Cross-Cultural Collaboration: DKA promotes cross-cultural understanding and collaboration by working closely with other cultural organizations, community groups, and educational institutions. These partnerships contribute to a more diverse and inclusive Delaware.
  6. Resource Sharing: The organization shares important resources, information, and opportunities with the Korean community, including healthcare services, job opportunities, and social services.
  7. Youth and Future Generations: DKA places a strong emphasis on supporting Korean-American youth by providing mentorship, educational opportunities, and cultural programs to help them connect with their heritage and succeed in a multicultural society.

Membership: DKA welcomes members from all backgrounds who share an interest in Korean culture and community engagement. Membership offers access to cultural events, educational resources, networking opportunities, and a chance to actively contribute to the organization’s mission.

Vision: The Delaware Korean Association envisions a Delaware where cultural diversity is celebrated, where the Korean community thrives and is an integral part of the broader community, and where cross-cultural understanding is the foundation for a harmonious society.

The Delaware Korean Association is committed to enriching the lives of Korean residents in Delaware while contributing to the state’s cultural tapestry and fostering an inclusive and diverse community for all.